Researching Digital Interculturality

An interdisciplinary project strengthening intercultural communication scholarship

Introducing ReDICo

As cultural boundaries blur and virtual and physical spaces merge, interculturality and digitalization mould our everyday world. We’re convinced that these dual concepts should be viewed together, as they are frequently deeply entangled in various contexts. This is what our research project ReDICo is dedicated to: Researching Digital Interculturality Co-operatively. Our vision is of a scholarly Intercultural Communication, informed by the perspectives of a critical and culturally-aware interdisciplinary Internet Studies. ReDICo also seeks to be an inclusive and environmentally-conscious research network, connecting academics and non-academics world-wide via our platform on the Glocal Campus, “Digital Interculturality Research Hub“, and a number of co-hosted virtual conferences (E-Co-Conferences). We therefore don’t just study Digital Interculturality, we also actually do it!

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PhD-Workshop und Kolloquium in Jena
PhD-Workshop und Kolloquium in Jena

ReDICo und der Hochschulverband für interkulturelle Studien e.V. (IKS) organisieren den PhD-Workshop „Erkundung der Dynamik von Interdisziplinarität in der Analyse digitaler interkultureller Daten“ und ein PhD-Kolloquium im Rahmen von ReDICos dritter jährlicher wissenschaftlicher Veranstaltung „ReDICo 2024 Encounters“.
Die Veranstaltung findet am 4. und 5. März 2024 an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena statt.

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Presentations & Publications

With our research we build upon already existent arguments and results, developing them further, and looking for new conclusions surrounding Digital Interculturality. We also benefit directly from the interdisciplinarity of our team, while our working style is co-operative. Our papers and publications are directed towards a wide audience: During the life of the project we participate in conferences, lead workshops, enter articles for journals and produce a number of publications, in which the arguments of external academics may also be found. We consciously strive towards a multiplicity of formats and barrier-free access to our results. We, indeed, offer many of these as downloads here upon our website.

Team & Network

ReDICo builds on intercultural, multilingual, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our core team comprises researchers based at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and Universität Potsdam.