Source: ReDICo


From 23-25 June 2021, we were guests at the conference Cultural Identities in a Global World: Reframing Cultural Hybridity at the University of Giessen, Germany (online). On the opening day, we were already able to offer our workshop “To what Extent Can Post-Digitality Be Understood as ‘Life-World-Hybridity'”. Since a face-to-face meeting was not planned, the ReDICo team invited the 20 or so participants to the virtual conference tool Wonder.Me and was able to create a world café atmosphere using avatars, which allowed the discussants to move around freely and at ease. At five “tables”, in four rounds of discourse, we developed perspectives on the interconnectedness of the lifeworld(s) and social structures with digital and especially post-digital phenomena, starting from our own lifeworld. . Post-Digitalitydescribes a form of society in which the digital has not been overcome, but in which change is not only taking place, but has already manifested itself and the familiar and the foreign are no more distinguishable from each other than the analogue and the digital.


The results of these exciting insights will be published in an anthology on the conference.