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The ReDICo team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Hopefully it will be a year of interesting insights, beneficial contacts and, above all, good health!

The year 2022 also has exciting events in store for our project team. We would like to take the opportunity to give a small preview of some of these highlights:

  • Spring 2022: Publication of the special edition of the Interculture Journal “Cyber Dystopia/Utopia? Digital Interculturality between Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism”
  • May 2022: Start of the second research phase with the topics:
    • “(Nationalistic Recursive) Counter-Public Spheres in British and German News Portals”
    • “Use and Influence of Digital Media for Social Cohesion in Diaspora Communities”
  • 29 June – 1 July, 2022: Our conference “Lifewide Learning: Transformations and New Connections in postdigital societies” takes place in three different formats:
    • June 29: online; June 30: hybrid; July 1: in presence (Dornburger Schlösser near Jena)
  • Summer/Autumn 2022: planned publication of a volume in the series “Forum Angewandte Linguistik” on the topic “Language and interculturality in the digital world”
  • Autumn 2022: Research and networking trip to the University of Limerick (Ireland).

We look forward to seeing  you!

The ReDICo team

(We would like to thank the BMBF funding project: “Small subjects – Strong together” for making this research possible!)