A special issue of the German journal of Intercultural Communication, the open access Interculture Journal, has just been published which commemorates the 25th anniversary of the “Hochschulverband für Interkulturelle Studien”; the German University Association for Intercultural Studies. The edition contains twenty five short discussions of books or concepts which may be seen as key works or ideas within scholarly Intercultural Communications studies of the past twenty five years. Included are texts by ReDICo members Milene Mendes de Oliviera (on John J. Gumperz’s Discursive Strategies from 1982), Roman Lietz (on John W. Berry’s Acculturation Strategies from 1992) and Fergal Lenehan (on Gerard Delanty’s The Cosmopolitan Imagination: The Renewal of Critical Social Theory from 2009). All texts may be downloaded here (in German).